Monday, August 18, 2014

Poet in the Loop: Varsha Shah

Friendswood Public Library's off the page poetry series presents Poets in the Loop on Wednesday, September 17 at 7pm. Poets in the Loop is a Houston area poetry critique group with published and award winning poets. Join us for an evening of creative and insightful poetry. 

Varsha Shah’s poetry has been published in various journals and anthologies including Borderlands, Convergence, Five Inprint Poets and UT Press. She regularly reads at Archway Gallery and Rice Gallery Words & Art events. Travels, hiking, music, dancing, gardening, and good poetry inspire her life’s work.

Ars Poetica

You trouble me too much.

I agonize your landing––
I dread your departure, always abrupt.

In your disguise I ache
from not quickening that instant.

You stay back, I’m destitute.
Fallen on a leaf a multi-headed beast,

I can’t unfold enough
to enfold you in whole.

Promise me––
No one will dare you from me.

To be free, I must flee
from hangout to our hideout,

From bourgeois to bohemian
Be it known

Yours Truly,
You trouble me too much.

Little Black Dress

She finds a woven evening of raw silk
pondering over crêpe de chine, taffeta and chiffon––
the small scooped neck seamed to a half-moon back.
Perfect curves darned to a maiden hour-glass
carved from black marble descending
firm, flowing knees.

Bosom tucked inside dainty waist,
trimmed shoulders hold up
postured for the bolero, the back drop
just deep enough to swallow
body’s light into a becoming night.

Tiny roses fashioned in satin,
their embroidered eyes hold heat
the three-way mirror carries––
queries that transcend skin folds, shapes
the motherhood defies, twisting answers
to archetype standards:  how long must they fit
her body and its contrived images?

~Varsha Saraiya-Shah

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