Friday, August 8, 2014

Poet in the Loop: Dom Zuccone

Friendswood Public Library's off the page poetry series presents Poets in the Loop on Wednesday, September 17 at 7pm. Poets in the Loop is a Houston area poetry critique group with published and award winning poets. Join us for an evening of creative and insightful poetry. 

Red Lodge

In false dawn came a moose cow into the back alley

to nuzzle the ruff along the fence and mud rut tracks.

Her calf came trailing through its own bleat and bray

past a camper top rusting near the neighbor’s garage.

Under the quilt remains some warmth of my own body

divided between a  me composed of heat, and one  lacking

the corpse shivering at the window. The beasts trot away.

I pad stiff feet to bed to re-search some dream dislodged

when the moose called its name. Such a place is sleep;

like an odes of Keats spoken in the winter air, shy beasts

search alone, pursued by cares. Bear Tooth Mountain is

about to rise out of the depression the dark only blankets.

Each feature appearing to make a mouth of stone, or that 

chattering to devour what seeks home at the end of night. 

~Dom Zuccone


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