Thursday, September 15, 2011

Q & A with Texas Poet Laureate Nominee Sybil Estess

The Friendswood Public Library was honored to host a poetry reading with 2009 Texas Poet Laureate nominee Sybil P. Estess and other Laura's Poetry Group poets including Sally Ridgway, Vivian Macias, and Kelly Patton.  These excellent poets are not to be missed if you get a chance to hear them read. Sybil also graciously accepted my invitation to contribute to From the Reference Desk in the below brief Q & A session:

1. What is the title of your new book?   My book title is "Maneuvers".

2. How would you describe your book?  It is a small book which includes all but one of my published poems, that have not been in my other three poetry books.  There are several poems included which concern my early childhood in Mississippi in the 1940s and 1950s.

3. Who are your favorite poets and why?  Favorite poets: Elizabeth Bishop (I did my dissertation on--for her descriptive powers and subtle epiphanies); Greg Kuzma (for his plain language); Mary Oliver (for her metaphors from nature).

4. What is your favorite film?  "Il-Postino"--because it deals with poetry and is set in beautiful country by a seaside.

5. Finish these statements:

The first time..."ever I saw your face." --(Song sung by Roberta Flack)--my favorite love song

Theres no good way..."to be drunk."

Those who say..."they have the Truth are dangerous."

My definition "of love is...that you never get bored with the person.  He/she is always interesting to you."

I'll always be...."naive."

One thing I found out lately..."is about addiction."

Sybil Estess--September 11, 2011

Some pictures from the Poetry Reading follow below:

left to right (Vivian Macias, Kelly Patton, Sybil Estess, Sally Ridgway)

Sybil P. Estess

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