Monday, September 24, 2012

3 poems by Mary Margaret Carlisle

Mary Margaret Carlisle is a writer, editor, poet, workshop leader, and a judge of competition writing and performances.  She is a lifetime member of the Poetry Society of Texas – Gulf Coast Poets, and is an active member of many writing and poetry groups.

The three poems below; a prayer of monarchs, Driftline, and The Glimmering Deepness of Silence, appear in her book of poems, heart of a word. 

a prayer of monarchs

the baby’s breath is impossibly alive
so crowded that pollen laden bees
cannot alight amidst the monarchs
whose black, orange and silver wings
fold slowly like hands in prayer at chapel



A dozen bobbers float
a thin line out across the lake
water black in the shadows

a small riff of wind
slowly pulls line
from the stalling-gear

silver wigglers and golden shiners
on teardrop lures drag out
to where widemouth bass lurk

near the sunken islands
as the San Marcos River rises
out of Aquarina Springs

and dusk, like monofilament
thrown from a fiberglass pole
slides across the horizon

hooking the sun right out of the sky


The Glimmering Deepness of Silence

Tonight the sky is littered with stars
half a moon hangs from our neighbor’s gutter
I wonder about the other half,
and what might make it hide in darkness

I know that if you speak
you will tell me of physics
celestial happenings
and all those things out of reach

until you run out of words.
I know you will not look up and out
but will only recognize the noisy stars glittering
from car windshields and storefront windows,

and tonight, speaking on and on
you will ignore the silence
falling from half a moon
just next door 


~Mary Margaret Carlisle


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