Thursday, June 6, 2019

Abby Martin Exhibit this June at FPL

Escape the summer heat and check out the work of Abby Martin at the Friendswood Public Library!

Abby's watercolors of nature and human anatomy are playfully yet profoundly juxtaposed.  Fruits and Vegetables feed our organs while these delightful illustrations feed our whimsy and wonder.

"I'm a self taught painter and have been painting for 4 years.  I'm a mom of five, an avid reader, and a student at Alvin Community College. It was during my Anatomy and Physiology class that I started using art to help me study. I painted the skulls for a project and then couldn't help myself and just kept going."

"I lived 22 years in Alaska and you can find Alaska in my paintings- the forget-me-not flowers around the magic heart, the wild Alaska roses by the hip and the Black Capped Chickadee (a bird that stays all winter and cheers everyone up)."
"The body is is so complex. As I studied I kept thinking I'd found my favorite thing, but then we'd learn something new and I realized the whole body is miraculous and amazing. It's as if our very bodies tell us we are a miracle, that we are important."
Be sure to check out the rest of Abby's works this June at FPL!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Judi Coffey Exhibit at Friendswood Public Library

The Friendswood Public Library is proud to host an exhibition of Judi Coffey's work. If you are a fan of beautiful abstract art (or representational art that leans toward the abstract), visit the community room and peruse her lively and inspiring works.  

Judi is past president of the Watercolor Art Society-Houston and ISEA (The International Society of Experimental Artists). She is also a member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Society, Society of Layerists in Multi-Media, and the Rocky Mountain National Honor Society. Her works have been discussed or printed in The Houston Chronicle, American Artist Magazine, The West Wind Review, and many other outlets. She works in a variety of mediums including painting, watercolor, and collage.

Judi has a keen eye for combining vibrant colors with recognizable symbols and she frequently blurs the boundary between abstraction and representation. Her work conveys a sense of movement that is reminiscent of abstract expressionism but is more immediate and accessible than typical avant-garde painting.

"Painting abstract is my stream of consciousness. My collage works reflect my mood and my choice of materials. I love teaching workshops. The artists, using an unplanned approach, will stretch their imagination, leave their comfort zone, and find a uniqueness that is theirs alone."

"I am always trying to find new and exciting ways to present my works. Torn and cut pieces of a painting can become a whole new series."

"Some of the most beautiful things cannot be seen, they must be felt with the heart. I have always been a dreamer, a perfect way to describe my art."

"Color and flair for the unconventional play a big part in my paintings. Collage and a splash of acrylic paint create spontaneous designs, the perfect medium for my paintings."

If you are interested in participating one of Judi's workshops, email her at

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Friendswood Library Drum in the Sun

On March 23rd, the Friendswood Library hosted its first Drum in the Sun drum circle.  For about an hour, children and adult patrons alike expressed themselves through rhythm.  Those who felt inspired improvised freely over the established beat.  Drum circles are a great way to bond with people from all walks of life. Drum circles have a host of health benefits including stress relief, minimized social anxiety, and greatly enhanced well-being. Drum circles are also beneficial for  Parkinson's Disease, The Immune System, and Depression.

Drum in the Sun is open to everybody including absolute beginners.  Feel free to bring any hand percussion, shakers, and triangles.  Homemade shakers are welcome as well.  Fill a soda bottle or a plastic Easter egg with dry rice, seal it up, and shake away!  Some percussion will be provided.  Please do not bring a snare drum or drum set. 

Join us on Friday April 26th at 4:30pm for our next Drum in the Sun session!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"Petals, Places, and People" Exhibit at The Friendswood Public Library

Join us for the reception for "Petals, Places, and People" by Fontaine Jacobs on February 25th at 5:30pm.

Fontaine Jacobs is a Houston-based artist that creates in a variety of mediums such as painting, drawing, acrylic, and watercolor.  She  seamlessly merges impressionism and realism in her works. Fontaine has earned numerous awards for her art including first place in both the 2018 Galveston Art League 6th St fall and summer shows, first place in the 2018 Watercolor Society of Houston Dec. Member Show, and third place in the 2018 Art League of Baytown Spring Show.

A seven year survivor of breast cancer, Fontaine donates a portion of her proceeds to cancer research and also regularly paints portraits of cancer patients and survivors.

Currently, a number of Fontaine's works are being exhibited at the library.  Join us on February 25th to meet the artist and browse her diverse range of subjects and mediums! 

To see more of Fontaine's work, check out her website.