Thursday, May 8, 2014

off the page poetry with Terry Jude Miller

On Loan From Vincent, Everything, and Musician Wife are from The Butterfly Canonical, a book of poetry by our featured poet, Terry Jude Miller.

Come hear Terry Jude Miller and Dede Fox read their poetry at our off the page poetry series event on Wednesday, June 4 at 7pm.  We will have a brief open mic period at the end of the featured readings.

On Loan From Vincent

loan me your

so that I
can see

the beauty
you found

in yellow flowers                 
and primitive vase

along workers'

below concentric

loan me
your hands
so that I can
give birth

to beauty
that causes

for admirers
to wonder

at what
genius this
must be

but do not
give me
your heart,

for I know
I could
never bare

such anvil weight


I ask you,

"What do you want?"

you answer

in all its forms          

at all times"

I reply

"You're in luck
I have

just enough"


Musician Wife

on long drives
my neck tendons
become guitar strings

my wife
reaches over

places her
velvet palm

on the back
of my head

and strums

a love song

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