Monday, May 4, 2015

featured poet Glynn Monroe Irby: May 14 at FPL

     Glynn Monroe Irby will be one of our featured poets on Thursday, May 14 at 7pm.  This event is free and open to the public.

Glynn Monroe Irby lives in Brazoria, County, Texas. He carries a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Texas, Austin, including earlier
studies at the University of Houston, the Brazosport College, and Edinburgh University, Scotland, with subsequent graduate studies in architecture at the
University of Houston.  Irby is the graphic designer and co-author of the book, 3 Savanna Blue, the graphic and cover designer of many other books, and has displayed and marketed photographic and poetic art for homes and offices. As a writer, Irby has been published in both the Houston and Austin poetry festival anthologies as well as Sol Magazine, Borderlands Texas Poetry Review, The Spiky Palm, Galaxy Journal, Curbside Review, Poetz e-zine (New York), HIP, and others; Irby has been an invited poet to many reading venues in Texas, is a member of the Galveston Poets’ Roundtable, the Circle Way Poets, the Poetry Society of Texas, the Gulf Coast Poets, and was selected in 2006 as one of the “Bards of the Bayou.”

Shooting Gar
While stepping over the trestle ties
and looking through foot gaps
to the chocolate water below,
I carried my rifle to the center span
and stood there, spring-kneed,
with index finger through the trigger loop,
searching the glossy faces
of cloud images sliding hazily
between the tangle banks
of blackberry vines and tallow shoots,
anticipating the elusive outline
of a garfish rising out
of the darkness of the bayou.

~Glynn Monroe Irby

Pipe Yards
I like it when pipes are stacked
and laid together on their sides
matching their full length of curve
into curve and lip onto lip.
I like to look into the heart
of each long pipe
and see the spherical light
playing on the inside.
To see the colors change,
and looking closer, I like to see
the colors of the clouds affect
the color of the core itself.
I do like it when pipes are polished
and their flanges are newly groomed.
Then I can easily see the view
of the sky and the trees beyond.
But also I like the rusted ones,
when their edges are held by roots
and they’ve already become
a part of the open yard of my home.

~Glynn Monroe Irby

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