Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FPL Featured Artist Ellie Teramoto

The images below are the work of our featured artist Ellie Teramoto. These photographs, along with eight others, can be viewed in the Friendswood Public Library’s Activity Room through February 27.
Atsuko Ellie Teramoto was born on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, and spent her childhood in Shizuoka. Ellie left her native Japan shortly after graduating high school to pursue her dreams in the United States. After studying journalism in college she went on to work for newspapers for twelve years, first in Los Angeles and soon after in New York City. From reporting Ellie eventually transitioned to news photography. Very shortly after taking this step she discovered her passion for fine art photography.
After many years in New York, Ellie decided to take the leap to independence, relocating to Houston to practice her photography on her own terms. In her work she seeks to find art in nature, while carefully attempting to match her prints with what the human eye experiences as closely as possible. Much of her time is spent uncovering the hidden beauty of Texas.
Ellie completed studies at the New York Institute of Photography and holds degrees from the University of Georgia and Columbia University. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and scuba diving. Her passion is her photographs.


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