Wednesday, December 4, 2013

spotlight database: OneClickdigital's Classics Library

The Friendswood Public Library now provides access to 200 eAudiobooks featured in OneClickdigital’s Classics Library.
A book becomes a classic because its ability to intrigue, excite, and entertain has stood the test of time. Classics are the best of the best, those that endure after the best-seller lists have faded and the fads moved on. Time after time these books have been read and enjoyed. OneClickdigital’s productions of the classics have earned the praise of critics.
Patrons will find that downloading audiobooks has never been easier:
·      A book can be checked out by multiple users simultaneously.
·      A book checks out for 21 days and can be renewed up to 3 times (21 days per renewal).
·      A maximum of 20 books can be checked out per user. 

Access OneClickdigital from the Friendswood Public Library website. Create an account and follow the instructions found under Getting Started.  For assistance, contact the Friendswood Public Library at 281-482-7135. 

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