Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3 questions with acclaimed local artist Ruby Allen

This past November, the Friendswood Public Library hosted An Evening of Art with local, award-winning and juried artists, Ruby Allen, Glena Schlehuber, and Billie Morris.  Recently, I was fortunate enough to have acclaimed watercolor artist Ruby Allen answer a few questions about her artwork for from the reference desk. The art images that accompany this interview are from Ruby Allen’s work:

MR: Your amazing watercolor paintings are world renowned and many here in Friendswood enjoy collecting your work.  My wife and I purchased one of your watercolors many years ago and it still hangs in our living area.  Can you tell us how you came to paint in watercolor and how this medium lends itself especially to your creative vision?

RA: I have chosen water based paints as my preferred medium because it is more challenging than working in oils.  I also appreciate the freshness of watercolors when used wet on wet. The fusion can be very exciting.

MR: In preparation for the art exhibit we held here at the library last November, I had the privilege of seeing your studio and speaking with you about your art.  One of the subjects we touched on was the diverse styles of painting and mixed media that you have incorporated into your work over recent years. Could you share your thoughts on this and reflect a little on your more recent work.

RA: After painting in pure watercolor for many years it was a natural sign of growth to want to reach another plateau by incorporating other water based mediums.  I never forget that no matter how accomplished an artist may be, they are always a student.

I paint many abstracts because I find that they afford me the opportunity to use my creativity to the max.  Acrylic paint gave me the texture and depth of colors that I wanted. In addition, the paintings were consistently chosen for juried shows and were prize winners.

MR: And finally, could you share with us some of your experiences in the world art community.  I know that your work has been honored in other areas of the country and overseas. Could you tell us something about these experiences? Does your art take you out of the country often and do you enjoy these experiences?

RA: It is very pleasing to know that people all over the world are enjoying my paintings, including a “Ruby Wall” at the Russian News Agency in Moscow.  Whether a patron is visiting in this country or leaving to live in other parts of the world, it gives me a great sense of pride that they select my paintings to provide them with the happiness that they receive from my works.
In the words of Pablo Picasso, “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, or from a spider’s web.”
l to r: Ruby Allen, Glen Schlehuber, and Billie Morris

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