Saturday, June 8, 2013

National Spelling Bee Championship Round speller Syamantak Payra at FPL

Syamantak Payra of Friendswood made it into the Championship Round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee!  Syamantak also won a gold medal in the Physics/Astronomy division at this year’s CCISD Science Fair. The Payra family sent the Friendswood library a very nice message:

We are so proud of the Friendswood Public Library - it has a wonderful collection and we love the warm, cordial nature of all the staff members. In fact, Syamantak used a lot of materials from the Friendswood Public Library while he was preparing for the National Spelling Bee!

The Friendswood Public Library is also proud of Syamantak and all of his amazing accomplishments!
Syamantak Payra with his parents and FPL staff member Michelle Farthing (2nd from left)

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