Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello, Winter by featured poet Richard Peake

Hello, Winter 

Again I greet you, winter morning sun
announcing rituals of another day
as you climb over the shrimp boats offshore. 

I want to tell you that the summer was great
despite the heat and violent thunderstorms
that blasted my burgeoning garden’s plants. 

Even now I am still eating the fruits
and savoring last juices of the vines
whose biting sweetness delights my tongue. 

I do not look forward to heavy snows
though once snow men and throwing snowballs
engendered my shouts of glee. I wait quietly.
Sharp winds tremble my leaf-dropping trees.
So cast your shadows on my silent porch.
It’s too late to avoid cold loneliness.

Richard Peake
Avocet, Winter, 2012
FPL Poetry Series presents a reading with featured poets Richard Peake and John Gorman on Wednesday, January 30 at 7pm.


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