Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boisverts' refurbish Galveston See-Wall mural

Friendswood library patrons Joe and Linda Boisvert were recently featured in a Galveston Daily News article entitled Community Comes Together to Paint by Galveston Island Beach Patrol chief, Peter Davis.  The article details the Boisvert’s effort to refurbish the See-Wall mural that runs on the seawall from 61st to the Pleasure Pier at 25th Street. This 15 year old mural is two and a half miles long, covers 65,000 square feet and is the largest painting by numbers on the planet.  14,000 people shared in the original painting of the See-Wall mural. Vic Maceo and article author Peter Davis initiated the project and had the original vision 15 years ago. Joe and Linda Boisvert are currently working on a section around 54th street.
Speaking with Linda, she described how the elements had really diminished the original artwork.  She described her husband’s ability to step back and visualize the original work, tracing with magic marker the outer lines where the paint is completely gone. She said that she got to meet people from all over the country who were staying at nearby hotels. Both locals and guests showed great interest in their work and wanted to find out more about what they were doing.  The pictures below are from their first refurbishing effort.

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