Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Singing Down the Sun with Rebecca Hatcher Travis

Rebecca Hatcher Travis’ book Picked Apart the Bones won the “First Book Award for Poetry” from the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas.  
Singing Down the Sun

ancient voices sing down the sun
in the quiet hush of dusk
sacred fire grows stronger as we shuffle closer
sharing the night in common thought
fathers and sons chuckle softly to one another
mothers hum to young infants
elders gather once again
faces of content circle warm lively flames
dark time deepens unhurried                                              
little by little stretching to the other side of night
slowly light paints tip tops of nearby oaks
like torches lit to guide the dawn  
the fresh new day becomes

Urban Sprawl
urban sprawl seems an understatement
for this metropolis a few miles north of the Gulf
Spanish moss snarls in her hair
nighttime skies light up as if by magic

from refineries along her bloodline
the muddy ship channel
Buffalo Bayou to Galveston Bay
they resemble small towns aglow
with nightly festivals of bright lights    
bayous snake under crisscrossing freeways
an occasional alligator cruises 
silent waters unperturbed
you have got to love Houston
as she sashays in the sweltering heat
batting her long sultry eyelashes invitingly
at anyone who happens to mosey down her way

Poems by Rebecca Hatcher Travis

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