Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Book that Changed the World with Mark T. Crawford

Wednesday, February 15th at 7pm at Friendswood Public Library

Mark T. Crawford will speak about the historical and political setting of 17th century England as it pertains to the King James translation of the Bible. The King James Version, known to the world as the KJV, has been a best-seller since its publication in 1611. Mark will also speak about the KJV's lasting impact on the world of literature.
Rev. Mark Crawford was educated at SMU, Dallas and Oxford University before completing his Doctor of Ministry Degree at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Mark serves on the Diocesan Commission on Ministry, the General Board of Examining Chaplains and is a member of the faculty in the IONA School for Continuing Education. He now serves as Staff Chaplain at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.
Rev. Mark Crawford's reading list:

"The Book of Books" by Melvin Bragg. Berkeley:  Counterpoint, 2011.

"In the Beginning" by Alister McGrath. New York:  Random House, 2001.

"Manifold Greatness, ed. Helen Moore and Julian Reed. Oxford: Bodleian, 2011.

"The King James Bible - Making a Masterpiece" by Adam Nicolson. National Geographic, December 2011.

"KJV at 400" by Jon Sweeney. Christian Century, July 12, 2011.

The Friendswood Public Library carries The Book of Books by Melvin Bragg. Both journal articles can be found in print or electronic versions through the Friendswood Public Library's Ebsco Journal Databases. See the reference desk for assistance.

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