Friday, November 30, 2012

A Bouquet of Poems with Dodie Messer Meeks

As alluded to in an earlier post, past FPL Poetry Series poet and artist Dodie Meeks has recently had her illustrations and poems published in A Bouquet of Poems: for children of all ages. A Bouquet of Poems was published by The Lyric, the oldest poetry magazine in the U.S.A. devoted to traditional verse.  We hope to have Dodie back to talk about her book sometime in the New Year.

About the illustrations:

“Dodie Meeks’ brilliant watercolors bring these poems to life… By turns dreamlike and hauntingly realistic, these vivid and riveting paintings will stay with the viewer long after the book is returned to the shelf.  Meeks is the rare painter whose work appeals with equal power both to the child and the aficionado of distinguished art.”

 -- Larry D. Thomas, 2008 Texas Poet Laureate

Dodie Meek’s bold yet subtle art will fire up any child’s imagination.  Just looking at these paintings will send a child’s heart on amazing wanderings.” 

-- Chuck Taylor, author of One True Cat


A sample of her work, poems and illustrations, from A Bouquet of Poems:
Every Day, Every Day 

Marissa, Marissa, you bad sleepyhead,
I’m yanking your blankie right off your bed
And icing your middle.  I have a whole cup.
Marissa, Marissa, you’d better wake up.

I’ll make your walls shiver.  I’ll pound on your door.
I’ll dump all your marbles all over the floor
For your father is fuming. Your mother’s in tears.
It’s time to quit faking. I’m on to you, Dear.

I’ll pry up your eyelids, I know you’re inside.
You can’t hide from grandma.  I’ll say “Open Wide,”
And toothpaste your tonsils and make you spit foam
And I’ll croak like a Grackle and never go home.

Dodie Messer Meeks


Riding with G’Ma Dodie

Gramma Dodie’s Cadillac
smells like a banana,
from peelings left in there from when
we gave a ride to Hannah.

Gramma Dodie’s Cadillac
has papers on the floor,
and envelopes and photographs
and poetry galore

and maybe a French fried onion
and maybe a small baboon
and maybe a parrot in a tree
planning to fly off soon.

Gramma Dodie’s Cadillac
is comfy soft and mellow.
It has a lap, just like her lap
and she’s going to paint it yellow!

Dodie Messer Meeks
Scarcely Any

Scarcely any snails can do

Scarcely any flying.

With those houses on their backs

What’s the point of trying?

Dodie Messer Meeks


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